BIG art

The Austrian Federal Real Estate Company (BIG) looks back on a long tradition when it comes to integrating art in its construction projects. In this sector it was one of the pioneers and thus served as a model for other private real estate companies. The BIG-ART project was suggested and developed for BIG by Werkstatt Kollerschlag in 2002 as part of an PR initiative with art. It comprises the areas of temporary large banners at BIG-construction sites and permanent art and construction projects in close collaboration with architects and artists. Artists for these projects are selected together with Prof. Edelbert Köb, the director of the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna.

BIG commissions mainly Austrian artists with temporary art displays and buys original works that are transferred to large-format banners and mounted on the dust-collecting nets of the scaffolding erected for renovation work on BIG buildings throughout all of Austria.