This is what the Werkstatt in Kollerschlag does. The most impressive contemporary art pieces come from the Muehlviertel region. Here in Kollerschlag there are artisans who are able to facilitate the full realization of the intricate plans of international star artists. Three resourceful brothers have found a good market niche

With expertise, a lot of skill and the right management, the Werkstatt Kollerschlag has managed to establish itself in a niche of the art world. And this with great success. For ten years prominent artists have banked on the mediation work of the three Baumueller brothers. When it comes to the realization of complex special pieces made to specification where highly qualified craftsmanship is called for, the address in Muehlviertel region where three countries meet is first choice

When things begin to burst out of proportion for artists, they like to turn to the three Baumueller brothers. Their Kollerschlag Werkstatt then translates the wishes of artists into concrete, steel or any other desired material

... where complex pieces made to specification are necessary for technically elaborate installations ... first-class, highly qualified craftsmen are called for ... What does Jeff Koons ... Per Kirkeby ... Tony Cragg ... Matt Mullican ... do ... they are all familiar with Kollerschlag
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

What brings renowned artists such as Felix Droese, Erwin Heerich and Keith Sonnier to Kollerschlag of all places? ... the sleepy little town near the German border offers a different kind of attraction There is a one-of-a-kind workshop there that has specialized in the realization of all possible and impossible sculptural projects
Sueddeutsche Zeitung

The American sculptor Jonathan Borofsky ordered up the 37 ton steel giant which is now swinging its hammer on the Frankfurt Messeturm from the Baumuellers (Werkstatt Kollerschlag). His Scottish colleague Ian Hamilton Finlay had his neon nirosta pergola for the Berlin Metropolis exhibition produced here ... Even in the United States the provincial workshop has meanwhile made itself a name
Der Spiegel

Utopia that has become reality - Werkstatt Kollerschlag in the Muehlviertel region has long become a meeting place and exhibition venue for many internationally renowned artists
Passauer Neue Presse

... the village of Kollerschlag gave the workshop that is now known way beyond its borders its name The pieces produced here are delivered to galleries, exhibition centers and museums on the European continent
Berliner Tagesspiegel

The Werkstatt Kollerschlag's philosophy of success ... a mix of international art marketing know-how and home-grown production of the Muehlviertel region